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QuIX has stood for many things over the years and in different settings. For the purposes of this space, QuIX represents a Qualitative Idiosyncratic Xenagogy, as below.

Take from the name what you will.

Every useful contribution to the growing number of our collaborative topics is deeply welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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Collaborators can mess about in the "guts" of this wiki (they are on full display) and try out the myriad ways to share their knowledge among ourselves through the webs and their topics. Everything you do here will have an effect and our desire is to collect all the information we can and then (hopefully) tidy things up later.

How to get started? Register for your account and Log In to add to the existing topics. As you feel comfortable, create new topics that everyone can see and to which everyone can contribute.

Webs, as listed below, are collections of wiki topics that are related in some way, usually by subject, purpose, or a group of users. Exploring webs is a good way to get familiar with our collaboration space and find existing topics or create new ones where you can usefully contribute.
AnachrotechnicTopics on human scale digital ecology
Marriage and Its FamilyTopics on ProductiveMarriage and the NaturalFamily it creates
a Meanderer's Book of MormonTopics that Discuss Insights from the Book of Mormon and associated RestorationScripture
Physical Home Economics and ProductionTopics on the Physical Elements of Home Production and Economics
Everlasting ProgressionTopics on the (Further) Development of Adults
Editing SandboxThe Web to try out new wiki skills
According to the XenosTopics created by and about the Aliens Among Us
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